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Working in the salt flats just off Route 66 in the Mojave Desert. Photos by Thierry Humeau.

Bus Stop, Golden Hour

Steve Jobs

So I just finished reading Jobs’ biography. I highly recommend it. I actually read the entire thing on a Blackberry. I felt it helped my objectivity; however, life has a funny way of effing with me. As soon as I finished reading umpteen hundred pages on my Blackberry Curve, which displays about a paragraph at a time, my IT department switched my phone to an iPhone. I’ve always resisted the iPhone because of its lack of a keyboard, but now iLove it, and even more so having read the book.

One of the more interesting elements of the biography is that Isaacson was able to spend the final months of Jobs’ life with him. It’s not often that one has the privilege to know that they are dying, the time to ruminate on it and a handy biographer near to record the experience. Jobs was not a nice person, in fact he was often quite horrible, but there’s no arguing his influence on our lives and our future. Isaacson does a lovely job of capturing Jobs’ final feelings on meaning, purpose and legacy in this experience he might have dubbed iLife.