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Here’s the video for Shock by Ana Tijoux. If you watched the Fault Lines episode Chile Rising, you’ll recognize the school and many of the faces in this video. If you missed that episode, no worries, find it here (or by scrolling down).


Ana Tijoux is also featured in our Fault Lines episode Chile Rising. So is Camila Vallejo who is mentioned on the cover of Rolling Stone above. Check out the show:

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Scott Pelley Announces 2012 duPont-Columbia Award Winners from Alfred I. duPont Awards on Vimeo.

We won the duPont Award! I’m insanely jealous that it was for an episode of Fault Lines, Haiti: Six Months On, filmed by my colleagues: Sebastian Walker, Andrea Schmidt and Snorre Wik. You can see their deserving work here.

It feels great to be recognized for our work, but this represents something else as well. Not that long ago, US media awards would never honor Al Jazeera. For years we’ve been judged by a reputation created and promulgated by the same people who promised you weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Saddam had ties to terrorism. Winning the duPont heralds a new age for Al Jazeera English in the US, a time in which we are judged for the content of our coverage rather than the accusations of a few. See for youself, we stream live, for free, all of the time:

Stills from tonight’s Fault Lines episode. It debuts at 530 EST. If you can watch or stream it, I’ll be live tweeting. For info on how to see it, see previous post…


Our Fault Lines episode on drones and the future of the US military and intelligence airs tonight at 2230 GMT/5:30p EST on Al Jazeera English. 

Watch online.

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Stop and watch this video. It is hysterical! I laugh every time.


a fall maxi dress, vintage skirts and some awesome dance moves. oh it must be the thrift finds of the week video! 

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Ana Tijoux doing a stripped down version of Shock. I love this song. And, oh yeah,  we´re hanging out tomorrow in Santiago. Of course by hanging out, I mean I´m interviewing her for an episode of Fault Lines. But it´s still cool. 

"God have mercy on your souls." Last words of Troy Davis, said to his executioners.

"And just before the lethal drugs coursed through his veins, he offered a message to his executioners:

“God have mercy on your souls.”

Davis blinked his eyes rapidly. He squeezed them tight. The curtain closed.”

Oklahoma’s execution chamber

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If you missed it, this is totally worth the watch. My friend Seb Walker traveled to Bahrain for Fault Lines to ask what’s more important to the US: Human rights or a strategic base? It’s produced by friend and foodie Jeremy Young and filmed by Ben Foley, both of whom you’ll find frequent references to on this blog.


Fault Lines’ Seb Walker travels to the Perisan Gulf to look at US policy in the region, and to explore why the United States has taken an interventionist policy in Libya, but not in Bahrain, where there has been a brutal crackdown on protesters. Why does the White House strongly back democracy in one Arab country, but not another?

Fault Lines travelled to Bahrain to hear from those who had been protesting, to ask them what they think about the lack of real US pressure on their country’s rulers. The country is also home to the US 5th Fleet, where Fault Lines gained exclusive access to the USS Ronald Reagan, an American aircraft carrier deployed in the Arabian Gulf.

The film traces America’s response to the protests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and examines how the stability of oil prices, the steady supply of crude, and concerns over Iran have affected America’s response.

This episode of Fault Lines, “The US and the New Middle East: The Gulf,” first aired on Al Jazeera English July 25, 2011 at 2230 GMT.

Livetweets during last night’s first episode airing from the program staff appear at @AJFaultLines

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Meet another one of Fault Lines’ terrific producers: Elizabeth Gorman. 

Meet the Fault Lines Team: Andrea Schmidt, producer.

Andrea produced the first two episodes of the new season about Juarez and Guerrero, Mexico. She’ll be with me at Busboys and Poets Friday night for the special screening.

Meet the Fault Lines Team: Jeremy Young, producer.

Damn, wish I could work with him. Oh wait, I do.

Season 3 of Fault Lines kicks off a week from Monday, but for all my DC peeps come out Friday for a special sneak peek at the first episode, Impunity and Profits. We travel to the murder capital of the world — Juarez, Mexico — to investigate how human life came to be worth so much less than the drugs that are trafficked through.  The show starts at 6 pm at Busboys and Poets at 14th and V NW.  My friend and producer Andrea Schmidt and I will be on hand for Q&A afterward. Get there early, because this will fill up!