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Here’s my latest episode of The Stream: Out But Not Equal. Why is the Pentagon stalling on giving equal rights to same-sex spouses? 

Recommendation: Watch all the way through to the end, the ‘post show’ may be the best part.

Hosted The Stream a few more times this week…Can a social media movement effect the rising murder rate in Puerto Rico? Let me know what you think…

I’m hosting The Stream on Al Jazeera English

Okay, just for one day, this Thursday (8/16): I’m taking a spin in The Stream’s anchor chair. I’m a huge fan of the show and its crew, so it will be tons of fun. Join the experience by sending me show ideas. Free range thinking is encouraged and all ideas will be considered. Fault Lines fans don’t fret, I’m still down with FL. In fact I’m flying out to Asia soon to film an episode for next season.

Your friendly TV guy, Josh

Btw, as a side note, I’m sitting on Paige’s gift for my 40th birthday: 1972 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser. Pretty cool, huh? 

I was on The Stream today to discuss drones. I also filmed an episode on the topic for Fault Lines. It airs December 26th at 2230 GMT. I’ll be live tweeting during that episode, so if you tune in, it will be like we’re watching it together. If you can’t tune in, it will be posted for eternity here.