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Sectarian violence looms over US pullout from Iraq…

I traveled to northern Iraq last year to film an episode of Fault Lines about the coming Iraqi elections, but instead found a story about deep divisions between Kurds and Sunni Arabs along a line from Kirkuk to Mosul known as the trigger line. Yesterday’s Washington Post ran a front-page story about a report that predicts violence along this rift if the US military pulls out this year. From my experience, which you can watch in the clip above, I concur. 

Here are a few pix from the trip:

Inside a detention cell in a Kirkuki jail. Arabs say Kirkuk police are mostly Kurdish and that they unfairly and disproportionately target Arabs as part of a plan for Kurds to pull Kirkuk—and its oil—into Kurdistan. Arabs also claim to be the target of a kidnapping campaign by the Kurdish secret police, Asayish, in which Arabs are disappeared into prisons inside Kurdistan. Kurdish officials deny this.

At a meeting in an Arab village south of Kirkuk. Arabs here are suspicious of the Kurds and their presumed backers, Americans.

A Kurdish guard keeps watch in a Kirkuki jail.