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Alfanso Cano was killed over the weekend Colombia. Cano was the head of the FARC. I was surprised to learn that he was killed near Suarez in the Cauca department of southern Colombia, because I was just there earlier this year and attempted to arrange an embed of sorts with the local front of the FARC. My meet up with the FARC didn’t work out, but we got a great story about gold fever hitting Colombia. If you’re interested in the area Cano was killed fast forward to about the 14th minute of the video above. It’s a beautiful area. Over the next few days, I’ll post a few photos from the trip as well.

Gold fever is sweeping across South America. Nowhere is it more lethal than in Colombia, where the gold rush has become a new axle in Colombia’s civil war. Turf wars are erupting between paramilitaries, and leftist rebel groups fighting to take control of mining regions. It’s fueling an old ideological conflict and has displacing hundreds of people. 

Helicopter raids by the Colombian Army on small community mining collectives have become commonplace, and the Colombian government is accused of targeting poor workers to protect big business interests, and operating with impunity from human rights violations. 

Thousands have fled their homes where land is violently contested, and others live in fear they’ll be removed from their land, arrested, or killed.

The multinationals are flooding in too. With gold now worth around $1,500 an ounce, everyone is getting in on the act, including North American mining companies. Colombia’s pro-business mentality has seen arbitrary concessions by the state sold to multinational companies, often on indigenous land. 

Fault Lines traveled to Colombia to speak to the people caught in the middle. The rural workers and artisan miners who’ve mined for generations, and some whose ancestors were enslaved during the first gold rush centuries ago. Others are former coca farmers, put out of work by the US-led Plan Colombia.

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Children playing in the mining town of Zaragoza, where illegal mining persists even after a crackdown.

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Friend and producer, Elizabeth Gorman, films a child miner at work while filming Fault Lines in Mondomo, Colombia.

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Ralf Oberti, cameraman extraordinaire, hard at work filming rogue gold mining in Mondomo, Colombia.

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Child miner at work. He was hoping to make enough money to buy books so he could go to school.

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Child miner looks over the damage at the Mondomo mining site.

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Modern mining with large machines coexists with the oldest form of mining—humans clawing through the mud—in Mondomo.

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Miner at Mondomo mining site.

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Miners in Mondomo are poisoning the town’s water according to the local mayor of Santander de Quilichao.

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Bucket of earth, in search of flecks of gold.

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Afro-Colombian woman works in a mine in Mondomo, Colombia.

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Miners inside a 400-year-old mineshaft at Marmato, Colombia.

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Gold miner more than a kilometer down a 400-year-old shaft at Marmoto, Colombia, a few hours from Medellin.