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The death penalty is in the news again. Not surprisingly the controversy is in Texas. Texas executes the most people, last year the state killed 17. That’s almost 40% of all US executions in 2010.

Texas doesn’t lead the nation in per capita executions. That dubious distinction belongs to Oklahoma.

Last year Fault Lines traveled to Oklahoma where we gained access to death row:

Death Chamber, Oklahoma

Death Bed, Oklahoma

To interview condemned inmate Michael Selsor:

Michael Selsor, Death Row

We were Michael’s first visitors in more than ten years. He told us last June that he would see “this Christmas, but probably not next.” His last appeal was denied in October, so now he’s waiting for a date to be executed.

We also interviewed a number of families that have been effected by murder and had to deal with the death penalty in different ways.

It was one of the more difficult films I’ve been a part of. I cried during three of the interviews. They are stories and people I will never forget.

The result is an episode on an extremely complex issue that I remain very proud of.