The Supreme Court has agreed to review Arizona’s harsh immigration law SB1070. I interviewed the author of the law, Russell Pearce, for my Fault Lines episode (above) about it last year. Pearce told me then that he hoped the law would be challenged up to and reviewed by the Supreme Court. He believes, if SB1070 is upheld by the highest court in the land, his anti-immigration movement will receive a boost of credibility.

Next up in Pearce’s master plan: tackling the 14th amendment, specifically the part of the constitution that says, anyone born in the US is a citizen and has equal rights and protection. Pearce says that babies born to undocumented immigrants are as illegal as their parents and should be prosecuted and then kicked out as well.

While I’m sure he’s celebrating today’s news, it’s not from his former office in the Arizona legislature. He was recently recalled by Arizona voters last month, even after a campaign that engaged in some of the most cynical, underhanded, dirty political maneuvers imaginable.


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