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Top: Tea Party protestor, Nick Kwack, at the US Capitol today.

Bottom: Protestor at the US Capitol today. 

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Brazil, “National Day Of Struggle” | July 11, 2013 

1. Members of various labour unions take part in a demonstration in front National Congress in Brasilia on July 11, 2013 during a day of strikes and demonstrations called by the country’s five leading labour federations to demand better public services and an end to endemic corruption. (Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Striking workers march in Sao Paulo on July 11, 2013. (Andre Penner/AP)

3. Members of various labour unions block a street, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 11, 2013 during a protest to lower public transport rates, to increase public investments in health and education, to reduce working hours and land reform, among other claims. (Miguel Schincariol/AFP/Getty Images)

4. Brazilian Indian Hunikui Ninawa participates in the National Day of Struggle, a march by unionists, in Brasilia on July 11, 2013. (Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters)

5. Brazilian workers march in Rio de Janeiro on July 11, 2013. (Vanderlei Almeida/AFP/Getty Images)

6. Riot police officers stand guard outside the National Theatre in Rio de Janeiro on July 11, 2013 as Brazilian workers march. (Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images)

7. Masks of Guy Fawkes are sold in the streets of Rio de Janeiro as Brazilian workers march on July 11, 2013. (Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images)

8. Protesters clash with riot police during the “National Day of Strikes, Stoppages and Protests” in downtown of Rio de Janeiro July 11, 2013. (Sergio Moraes/Reuters)

9. A riot police stands next to a fire after clashing with demonstrator during the “National Day of Strikes, Stoppages and Protests” in front of Rio de Janeiro Government Guanabara Palace July 11, 2013. (Ricardo Moraes/Reuters)

10. A man inside a store watches demonstrators set a fire in the street in Rio de Janeiro on July 11, 2013. (Nicolas Tanner/AP)

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Self insight of the day: I can’t take too many photos of a tarantula at a space port.

I was recently featured on a show in South Africa called Maggs on the Media. My interview begins around the 7:43 mark. 

The transitional government is at the moment in a very difficult position. Not everyone agrees with the choice of the Prime Minister, and today after the incident we heard from the (Salafi) Nour Party, who is the kingmaker party here, that they were not agreeing with the rest of the political parties on the choice of the PM and that they were suspending their participation. The Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar on the other hand said the transitional period should not last more than 6 months and called for release of political prisoners. We also hear the condemnation of violence from the National Salvation Front, while the Muslim Brotherhood say they will not join any sorts of negotiations. So you try to find some sort of common ground but after the events today it seems further than ever.

Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid in Cairo sums up the position of the various political groups in Egypt, saying a common ground for them seems elusive at this moment.  

Follow our Egypt Live Blog for news and analysis as they come in.

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Cheetah on Flickr.

Here’s today’s shot from our safari. An easy way to tell this is a cheetah rather than a leopard is the black marks streaking down from the eyes. Some people call them tear stains. We saw this guy about 15 minutes into our first drive, which was incredibly lucky because they had not seen a cheetah at this lodge in about a year.

Leopard & Water on Flickr.

Another shot from the safari…

Harper & Leopard on Flickr.

Sometimes the kids seemed surprisingly nonplussed at our startling proximity to members of the Big Five.

Leopard Drinking on Flickr.I took these in the Timbavati Reserve, South Africa.

Leopard Drinking on Flickr.

I took these in the Timbavati Reserve, South Africa.

States and refugee advocates often insist that ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ are separate distinct categories, despite ample evidence that these labels blur in practice.

Katy Long traces this tangled history of refugee and migrant identities through the 1920s to the 1950s in her Migration Studies article, ‘When refugees stopped being migrants: Movement, labour and humanitarian protection’.

Today is World Refugee Day and to mark the occasion Oxford Journals has made a collection of articles from across its journals completely free. Read on!

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Leopard on Flickr.

Leopard on the prowl.

Cheetah on Flickr.

Cheetah in profile at the Rhino and Lion Preserve near Johannesburg.